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The Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE)
The Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) is a broad based organization, which promotes comprehensive scientific studies of labour and related matters, provides a forum for free and frank exchange of views on various aspects of labour and related issues among all the people concerned, and disseminates information and knowledge for a wider debate.
Indian Journal of Labour Economics (IJLE)

Special Issue: The Informal Sector in South Asia Traditionally, it was assumed that the informal sector, having considerable presence in the economies of the developing world, would gradually shrink with industrialisation and modernisation. But contemporary evidence proves otherwise. Empirical literature suggests that the informal sector is thriving along with the modernisation process. As such, understanding the nature and role of the informal sector in the development process of the developing world assumes importance. This special issue attempts to address some of the issues associated with the sector, with contemporary evidence from South Asia.

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Highlights 2013-14

International Seminar on “Development from the Perspective of Labour: Experiences, Challenges and Options” in honour of ‘T. S. Papola’, 21-23 February 2014, Lucknow

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Release of India Labour And Employment Report (ILER) - 2013; 15 December 2013, New Delhi

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