Aims and Objectives

The Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) is a collective that is devoted to studying labour related problems. It provides a platform for comprehensive inter disciplinary studies on the subject and aims at disseminating the knowledge for a wider debate and discussion.

Background and Objectives
The Indian Society of Labour Economics(ISLE) was founded in 1957 by a distinguished group of academicians an deminent personalities headed by late Shri V.V.Giri (the veteran trade unionist and former President of India who remained life President of the Society) with the objective of promoting the study of labour, employment, industrial relation sand development issues. It is a broad-based professional association of scholars, practitioners and other professionals interested in the areas of labour and development issues.

Its specific objectives are to

  • Provide facilities for research and instruction in labour problems and allied subjects;
  • Disseminate information and knowledge on issues pertaining to labour;
  • Publish papers, journals, proceedings,reports and books on labour and allied problems;and
  • Network and cooperate with other institutions having similar objectives.