1972:: Volume 14 Issue 1-2

The Theory of Class Conflict in Classical Political Economy
Dasgupta A K

Prasant a Chandra Mahalanobis
Mukerjee M

On the Theory of Monopoly Capitalism
Sweezy Paul M

Higher Education and National Development
Chakravarty S

Rural Unemployment in Bihar
Singh V B, Bharadwaj V P

Measurement of Rural Underemployment in Gujarat : A Fixed Time – Coefficient Approach, Bharadwaj V P
Dave P K

Technological Change and Industrial Relations : A Review of British Experience
Verma Pramod

On Optimum Allocation of Resources Among Population Control and Capital Investment Projects
Seal K C

Human Factors in Technological Change
Hasan N

Bonus Payment in Sugar Industry of Uttar Pradesh
Srivastava Sharad Chandra

Haunts of Hunger and Disease : A Study of Ahmedabad
Bhatt Mahesh, Chawda V K

ILO and Indian Labour – Report of a Seminar
Papola T S,

Employment Policy
Papola T S

Industrial Relations
Mathur R S

1972:: Volume 14 Issue 3-4

New Model for Governmental Administration of Industry
Kumaramangalam S Mohan

Magnitude and Structure of the Professions in India : A Story of Interstate Variation
Madan T N, Verma P C

Personnel Management in Soviet Undertakings under the Economic Reform
Paliakov V, Silin A

Some Thoughts on Business Management and Management Training
Taskar G D

Trade Union Recognition and Collective Agreements
Singh V B

Wage and Bonus Within the System of Economic Stimulation of the Establishments : A Summary
Hahn Guenter

Employment Creation Through a Labour and Development Bank : A Note
Raj K N

Labour – Cum – Development Banks
Krishnakumar S

Vocational Training in the German Democratic Republic