2000:: Volume 43 Issue 1

Employment and Unemployment in a Society in Transition
Hashim S R

Economic Reforms and Human Resource Development
Patil Balasaheb Vikhe

Trickle Down Theory Revisited : The Role of Employment and Poverty
Gupta S P

Basic Human Rights , Core Labour Standards and Relative Educational Deprivation of Youth in India
Chaudhri D P

Trade , Technology and Employment : A Profile of Systemic Dilemmas and Paradoxes
Panchamukhi V R

The Future of the Labour Movement : Some Observations on Developing Countries
Jose A V

Migration , Remittances and Family Ties in Urban Informal Sector
Duraisamy P, Narasimhan S

Education , Employment and Earnings for Scientific and Technical Workforce in India : Gender Issues
Madheswaran S, Shroff Sangeeta

Powerlooms in Silk Weaving : Case Studies from Karnataka
Roychowdhury Supriya

41st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics : A Report

42nd Isle Annual Conference : Invitation for Papers

2000:: Volume 43 Issue 2

Structural Change , Structural Adjustment and the Challenge to Union Function
Reddy Narasimha

Role of Female Labour Force Participation in Rural Poverty and Non – Farm Employment : Indian Experience
Misra V N

Minimum Wage Legislation and its Impact on Rural Wage Formation : A Study of Agricultural Labourers in Kerala
Mohanakumar S, Sharma R K

Workers and Earnings in Informal Manufacturing : Evidence and Issues in Estimation, Keshab Das, 261 Health Care Burden on Households in the Informal Sector : Impkications for Social Security Assistance
Gumber Anil

Arresting Out – Migration : Some Policy Considerations for Uttaranchal
Bora R S

Labour Market Experiences of South Asia – Born Women in Vancouver
Canada, Nanavati Arti

Towards Human Development : Glimpses from India and Selected States
Rao V M

Female Employment in Agriculture : A District – Wise Analysis of Haryana
Tuteja Usha

Human Development in Andhra Pradesh : A District Level Analysis
Mahanty Ghanshyam

Incidence of Poverty in Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh : An Assessment
Parthasarthy G

2000:: Volume 43 Issue 3

Labour Markets and Employment in Economic Growth of East and South – East Asia : Some Key Issues
Mazumdar Dipak

Impact of Asian Financial Crisis on Labour Markets , Income Distribution and Poverty : A Comparative Study of Five Countries
Mazumdar Dipak, Horton Susan

Long – Term Trends and Economic Crisis in Korean Social Sector
Kakwani Nanak, Hyun H Son

Crisis and Reforms in Korea s Labour Market, Ju-ho Lee
Dae-ii Kim

Impact of Thai Crisis on Labour and Vulnerable Workers
Behrman Jere R, Tinakorn Pranee

Indonesian Labour Markets : Adjusting to Crisis and Slow Recovery
Manning Chris

Labour Market Issues in China : Shocks and Challenges Emanating from Asian Crisis
World Bank

2000:: Volume 43 Issue 4

Youth Unemployment in India : Past Policy Gaps and Future Strategic Options
Chadha G K

Youth and Unemployment in Perspective : The Indian Context
Chaubey P K

Trends in Youth Unemployment in India : An Empirical Analysis
Aggarwal Suresh Chand, Goyal J K

Correlates of Unemployment Among Rural Youth in India : An Inter – State Analysis
Gumber Anil

Gender Dimensions of Youth Unemployment in India
Kalpagam U

Employment and Unemployment of Youth, Parthasarathy G
Nirmala K A

Educated Unemployment in Punjab
Gill Sucha Singh

Youth Unemployment in Punjab : A Review
Nagaich Sangeeta

Unemployment and Employment of Educated Youth in Kerala
Sunny Dolly

Youth Unemployment in Karnataka
Degaonkar Chaya

Employment Generation Through Entrepreneurship Development
Bhat S Ganesh

Prime Minister s Rozgar Yogana in Bangalore : An Appraisal
Mahadeva M

Enhancing Employability of Youth Through Education and Training
Mamgain Rajendra P, Parashar Vandana

Globalisation , Information Technology Revolution and Service Sector in India
Unni Jeemol, Uma Rani

What Explains Services Sector Growth ?,
D souza Errol

Income and Employment Growth in Service Sector in India
Madheswaran S, Dharmadhikary Amita

Services Sector and Employment
Suryanarayanan S S

Employment Generation in India s Service Sector
Singh Bishwa Nath

Genderwise Determinants of Higher Occupational Scales in Service Sector
Bhat K Sham, Nirmala V

Women Employment in Tertiary Sector : Quantity Vs Quality
Dutta Indira

Tertiarisation of Employment in Kerala : Role of Employment Generation Programmes
George T M

Tertiary Sector and Employment Generation in Goa, Silvia Maria De

Qualifications and Emoluments of Research Personnel in India s Science and Technology Sectors : A Cross – Section Study
Chadha Vikram

Small Information Technology Services , Employment and Entrepreneurship Development : Some

Explorations into Indian Experience
Nagesh Kumar

Health Insurance for Rural Poor and Employment, Chatterjee Biswajit
Kundu Amit

Employment in Private Hotel Enterprises of Nagaland
Panda N M, Mishra B

Labour Use Efficiency of Banking Sector in India
Shanmugam K R, Lakshmanasamy T

Banking Sector Employment in India : Emerging Trends and Pattern
Alok Anand

Productivity Variation of Workforce in Indian Railways
Nanavati Arti, Patel B C

Capital Intensity , Output , Employment and Productivity : A Study of Two Service Industries
Patel N T, Gandhi Madalsa

Competitive Labour Policies and Labour Laws in Indian States
Ratnam C S Venkata

Regional Patterns of Industrial Relations in India : Changing Scenario After Liberalisation
Datt Ruddar

Trends in Work Stoppages on Account of Industrial Disputes
Ram G S, Ahluwalia A S

Regional Patterns of Incidence of Industrial Conflict in India , 1967 – 95
Shyam Sundar K R

Spatial Configurations of Industrial Relations, Surendra Pratap
Navin Chandra

Changing Face of Trade Unions in a Liberalised Economy
Dhal Manoranjan, Srivastava Kailash B L

Labour Flexibility and Industrial Relations : A Study of Organised Manufacturing Sector in India
Sarkar Sandip, Karan Anup K

Labour Standards , Regulation Theory and Regional Response : A Study of Three Towns
Das Kalyan