1990:: Volume 33 Issue 1

Economic Development and Labour Market Interface in India
Deshpande L K

National Wage Policy Imperatives and Impediments
Dutt Ruddar

Rural Labour : Its Problems and Prospects
Rao J S Narayan

National Wage Policy – Imperatives and Impediments
Bhattacharya J B

Impact of Planning on Rural Labour
Retnam V C V

State Regulation of Industrial Relations Recent Developments
Singh B Gopal, Ghiya D P

State Regulation to Settle Industrial Disputes in India
Joshi Samir

Rural Labour Woes : The Political Legacy
Singh R C, Sinha Lila

1990:: Volume 33 Issue 2

A Theoretical Framework for a Study of Rural Labour Markets
Bhalla Sheila

Educated Unemployment in the Less Developed Countries : The Relevance of the Neo – Classical Framework and Policy Option to the Nigerian Experience
Oladeji S Idowu

Productivity of the Expanding Services Employment
Ramana D V, Kumari D B Krishna

The Demand for Non – Market Time : The Case of Married Women in an Urban Setting
Malathy R

Administration of the Minimum Wages Act , 1948 : A Study of Orissa
Rath B P, Parida S C

Trends and Issues of Industrial Relations : A Case Study of Bihar

Precarious Jobs in Western Europe
Rogers Gerry, Rodgers Janine

1990:: Volume 33 Issue 3

Relevance of the Marxian Economics to Less Developed Countries
Dholakia Jitendra

Output Growth , Wages and Employment in Agriculture
Mishra G P

Towards Understanding the Dynamics of Rural Labour Markets : An Approach Based on Indian Evidence
Kannan K P

Wage Elasticity of Labour Supply for Males and Females
Dholakia Ravindra H

Education and Employment Planning for Young Women
Varshney H K

Women Migrant Workers in Bihar
Roy Anubha

Impact of Union Membership on Industrial Relations
Arya P P

1990:: Volume 33 Issue 4

Workforce Participation of Child Labour in the Rural Economy of India
Subramanian M S

Problems of Child Labour in Indian Agriculture
Maya Prasad

The Problem of Child Labour
Sudama Singh, Sinha Maya

Magnitude of Child Labour in India : Some Policy Prescriptions
Prasad K Siva, Yogi B Ramachandra

Child Labour in Unorganised Sector : A Case Study of Ujjain City
Murty S

Child Labour : A Study in Cuttack City
Mishra B N, Mishra P K

Quality Control Circles Policies and Implementation in India : An Expositionary Analysis
Saibaba G, Umashankar C, Naidu V P

Quality Circles in the Public Sector
Bhattacharya J B

Quality Circles : Promise , Performance and Prospect
Satchitanamdam M V, Birundha V Dhulasi

Trade Unionism in West Bengal : Recent Trends
Sen Ratna