1988:: Volume 30 Issue 1-2

Into the Twenty First Century : Implications for Workers
Datar B N

Migration and Urban Labour Market
Sharma Alakh N

An Employment Function for the Indian Labour Market – An Econometric Paradigm
Satchitanandan M V, Varadarajan Birundha Dhul

Worker Ownership and Management of Industry
Bhattacharya J B

Workers Ownership and its Evaluation
Verma R P, Sinha Rajan

Workers Ownership and Management of Industry
Mendonca-e-noronha Silvia

1988:: Volume 30 Issue 3

A Review of the Proposed Trade Unions and the Industrial Disputes ( Amendment ) Bill 1988
Singh A D

Organisational Climate for Collective Bargaining : Views of Managers and Workers
Mohanty P K

Factionalism in White Collar Trade Union : A Case Study of the Bihar State Non – Gazetted Employees Federation
Singh K P

Technical Progress Function and Employment – An Illustration from Textile Industry
Varadarajan Dhulasi Birunsachithananthan M V

Trends of Industrial Relations in Orissa
Sahoo K M

Product Market , Technology and Industrial Relations in Printing Industry : A Case Study
Giri D V, Patro G C

Battling Trade Unionism in India : The Evils and the Way – Out
Singh S R

Principal of Minimum Wage Fixation : Application in Agricultural Wage
Singh B N

1988:: Volume 30 Issue 4

Performance of a Village Labour Market in Orissa : Case Study of a Village in Sambalpur District
Nath G B

Rural Female Employment – Trends and Characteristics
Chandra R

Labour Market Segmentation : A Case Study
Debi Sailabala

Agricultural Labour Market in South India in the 19th Century and in the 20th Century
Reddy M Atchi

Wage Differentials Between Sexes in India – An Explanation
Dholakia Ravindra H

Emerging Trends in Industrial Relations : The Anatomy of University and College Teachers Strike
Tripathi S D

Emerging Trends of Industrial Relations in Coal Mining Industry
Reddy R Ram

Emerging Trends of Industrial Relations – The Case of Collective Bargaining Practice in Indian Steel Industry
Murty B S, Das R K

Emerging Trends of Industrial Relations
Sen Ratna

Some Aspects of the Emerging Trends of Industrial Relations in India
Sudama Singh, Singh Binod Bihari

Workers Ownership of Industries – The Yugoslav and a Perspective for India
Perumal S Velayudha

Workers Ownership and Management of Industry
Shukla B N, Shukla Bimla

Participative Management in Public Sector : A Study in Rourkela Steel Plant
Rath B P