1995:: Volume 38 Issue 1

Trade Unions Response to Changing Times
Sangma P A

Attack on Poverty and Deprivation : Role of Structural Change and Structural Adjustment
Rao C H Hanumantha

A Note on Measurement and Use of Poverty Estimates
Alagh Yoginder K

Reforms Sans Employment
Khusro A M

Development and Employment
Hashim S R

Labour Market Flexibility and the Indian Economy
Ghose Ajit K

Economic Growth , Rural Labour Markets and Rural Poverty : Understanding the Linkages
Hirway Indira

Flexibility As an Aspect of Work Culture
Ratnam C S Venkata

Poverty Alleviation Programmes and the Dynamics of Rural Women s Labour Force Participation : Two Case Studies from DWCRA – Bihar
Prasad Sujata

The Services Sector in India : Structure, Characteristics and Role in Economic Development
Suryanarayanan S S

Changing Environment of Trade Unionism
Sinha Neelima

World Employment 1995 : An ILO Report

1995:: Volume 38 Issue 2

Safety Net of the National Renewal Fund : Some Basic Issues
Hirway Indira

Unemployment and Large – Scale Industries : A Historical Study of the Roots of Labour Surplus in the Jute Industry
De Haan Arjan

Does Womens Time Allocation Respond to Economic Incentives ? Evidence from a Developing and a Developed Country
Duraisamy P, Duraisamy Malathy

Employer – Employee Relations : Need for Transition in Values
Modi Sanjay, Singhal K C, Singh Umesh C

Human Resource Allocation and Education – Employment Trade Offs
Prakash Shri, Dutta Ranita

Employment Trends in Agro – Climatic Resource Regions
Mathar Niti

Graduate Employment : The Earning Aspect
Baldev Singh

Trends, Pattern and Characteristics of Indian Labour Migration to the Middle East During the Twentieth Century
Sasikumar S K

Production Subcontracting in Developing Economies : A Short Survey
Bose Annavajhula J C

Productivity of Manufacturing Industries and its Linkages with Wages
Dash J

Peasant Income and Distribution in Futin Country, China, 1978 – 89
Qu Jinding

Labour Force Participation of Women and Children in Rural India : An Analysis of the Inter – State Variability
Jayraj D

1995:: Volume 38 Issue 3

Policies for Rural Labour : From Relief to Structural Change
Rao V M

The Informal Sector Reconsidered
Breman J

Government Interventions and Social Security for Rural Labour
Dev S Mahendra

Unionising Agricultural Labour : Some Issues
Gill Sucha Singh

State and Union Intervention in Rural Labour : A Study of Kerala
Kannan K P

Union Intervention in Rural Labour Markets : The Experience of Andhra Pradesh
Reddy D Narasimha

Peasant Mobilisation in Bihar : Implications for Rural Labour Markets
Sharma Alakh N, Ajay Kumar

Labour Institutions in Backward Agriculture; need for Intervention
Krishnaiah M

Self – Employment and Capacity Enhancing Programmes
Kurian N J, Rajeev P V

An Assessment of Wage – Employment Programmes : JRY and Eas
Nayyar Rohini

Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme of Andhra Pradesh
Reddy S Sudhakar, Swaminathan M C

1995:: Volume 38 Issue 4

Employment and Labour under Structural Adjustment – India Since 1991
Ghosh Jayati

Economic Reforms and Employment in India – Projections for the Year 2001 – 02
Agarwal R N, Goldar B N

Implications of Structural Reforms for Public – Private Sector Wage Differentials in India
Duraiswamy Malathy, Duraiswamy P

Exit Policy and Social Safety Net
Mehta S S

Economic Restructuring and Labour Adjustment Policies in India
Singh Shrawan Kumar

Human Dimension of Structural Adjustment in India – Problems and Possibilities
Nath G B

Impact of Structural Adjustment on Poverty, Employment, Income Distribution, Health Care and Education
Naidu K M, Manjushree P, Munirathnam B

Employment Generation in the Service Sector
Sudama Singh, Sharma Shyam Sunder Prasa

Structural Shifts and the Growth of Tertiary Sector in India
Sharma R K, Jayakumar A

Service Sector in Economic Development : An Empirical Study
Murty C S, Reddy P R

The Service Sector for Growth and Employment
Banerjee Amalesh

Growth and Employment Potentiality of Tertiary Sector in India
Rajendra Kumar

Nature of Jajmani in Services and its Impact on Rural Employment : A Study of Three Indian Villages
Rustagi Preet

Organising the Unorganised Labour : Some Issues
Aziz Abdul

Organising the Unorganised Workers in Small Scale Units : Problems and Prospects

Organising the Unorganised Urban Labour : Case Studies from Maharashtra
Sundaram S K G

Organising the Urban Unorganised Workers : Two Successful Experiments
Sheth Sarojini

Organising the Unorganised Workers : A Study of Citu s Role in West Bengal
Chatterjee Shyamalendu

Unorganised Labour Unionism : The Case of Headload Workers in Kerala
Nambiar A C K

Organising the Poor Rural Women : The Experience of the Quarry Workers of Pudukkottai
Athreya V B, Sujata R

Home – Based Female Workers in Self – Employed and Informal Sector
Sudan Falendra K, Gupta S K

Organising the Unorganised Tendu Leaf Workers in Orissa
Tripathy Santosh Kumar, Dash Ashok

Organising the Farm Sector Workers of Sugar Industry in Maharashtra : A Veritable Challenge
Jugale V B

Organising the Unorganised Migrant Rural Workmen in Orissa : Problems and Prospects
Tripathy P K, Mohanty P K