1994:: Volume 37 Issue 1

Structural Adjustment, Labour Market Flexibility and Employment
Papola T S

Economic Reforms and the Prospects for Rural Labour
Rao C H Hanumantha

East Asia s Explosive Development : Its Relevance to Theories and Strategies
Patel Surendra J

Mexico : A Model for Developing Countries ?
Tanski Janet M, Blum Albert A

Labour Institutions and Economic Development in India : Some Exploratory Hypotheses
Kannan K P

Modelling Trade Union Growth in India
Bhattacherjee Debashish, Chaudhuri Tamal Datta

Are Trade Unions in India Withering away ?
Sadri Sorab, Ray Pranabesh, Hegde Dinesh

Structural Reforms and Controlled Conciliation of Industrial Labour in India
Sanjeev Kumar

Earnings , Discrimination and Status : A Study of Saleswomen in Ernakulam District
Patrick Martin, Rajaseshan D

Employment and Wage Structure of Unskilled Migrant Labour and the Development of Textile Industry in Bhilwara, Rajasthan
Chakravarti Ila, Patwari Indubala

India : Employment, Poverty and Economic Policies

Meeting and Challenge

1994:: Volume 37 Issue 2

Employment in Organised Manufacturing in India
Ghose Ajit K

Employment, Labour Productivity and Wage Rate in Public and Organised Private Sectors in the Context of Structural Reforms
Bhattacharya B B, Mitra Arup

Unemployment Alleviation Programmes in India : A Review and Prospects under the New Economic Policy
Bhole L M

Public Policy for Employment and Economic Growth
Narayana D L, Ramana D V And Krishna Kumari D B

New Economic Policy – A Review
Datt Ruddar

New Agricultural Technology, Increasing Costs and Relative Shares of Labour and Other Factors : A Spacio – Temporal Analysis of Andhra Pradesh
Reddy V Ratna

Low Cost Options for Watershed Development in Dry Land Agriculture : Implications for Employment
Shah Amita

Factor Utilization and Wage Employment in Agriculture : The Case of Adani Rice Project in Nigeria
Arene C J

Schooling Levels of the Population in India
Tilak Jandhyala B G

Theoretical Approaches on Migration, Unemployment and the Urban Informal Sector : A Critique
Chatterjee Sandip, Raychaudhuri Ajitava

Policy – Induced Factor Market Rigidities, Unorganised Sector and Employment Effect of Exchange Rate Policies in India
Acharyya Rajat

Employment Generation and Labour Markets : Limits and Possibilities of State Intervention
Sharan Tripurari

An Approach to Pricing of Training Programmes
Mishra R K

Report of the NDC Committee on Employment : Conclusions and Recommendations

Report of the Committee on Industrial Sickness and Corporate Restructuring

1994:: Volume 37 Issue 3

he Informal Sector of Indian Manufacturing Activities : A Regional Study
Shaw Annapurna

Industry, Informal Sector Employment and Poverty
Mitra Arup

Performance of the Informal Vis – A – Vis the Formal Manufacturing Activities : A Study of Kanpur Metropolis
Tiwari R S

Informal Sector and Social Well – Being under Structural Adjustment Programme
Mahadevia Darshini, Jain Trupti, Acharya Binoy

Slums, Migrants and the Urban Informal Sector in Surat City
Das Biswaroop

Wage, Working and Living Conditions of Workers in the Informal Sector
Ramanujan M S, Awasthi I C

Structure and Dynamics of Labour Market Fragmentation : Divisions Among Construction Labourers in South India
Loop Theo Van Der

The Unprotected Labour
Bhatt Ela R

The Migrant Female Bread Winners – Women in the Informal Secondary Sector of Rourkela, Orissa
Meher Rajkishor

Lowest Rung of the Production Process : Women Home – Based Piece – Rate Workers in Urban India
Pathak Pushpa, Patnaik Indu

1994:: Volume 37 Issue 4

Labour Market Flexibility : Holy Grail or Banquo s Ghost ?
Mathur Ajeet N

Labour Market Flexibility : Some Issues
Surjit Singh

Job Insecurity and Labour Market Flexibility
D souza Errol

Labour Market Flexibility : A State of Impasse in Industrial Relations
Kulkarni Suchita

Flexibility of Labour Market : Theoretical Approach and Empirical Evidences from India
Nath G B

Labour Market Restructuring and Structural Adjustment
Seth Vijay K

Bombay Labour Flexibility Survey : A Micro – Level Contribution
Deshpande Sudha, Deshpande Lalit

Employee Leasing and Labour Market Flexibility – An Empirical Study of its Problems and Prospects in Selected Manufacturing Units
Bhattacharyya Deepak Kuma

Exit Policy : Impact on Labour Markets
Naidu K Manirathna, Manjushree P

A Note on the Flexibility of Rural Labour Markets
Jha Praveen

Rural Labour Markets and Poverty
Sen Abhijit

Poverty, Workforce Development and Rural Labour Markets
Bhalla Sheila

Inter – Linkages Between Poverty and the Labour Market in the Rural India
Unni Jeemol

Determinants of the Incidence of Poverty Among Rural Labour : A Cross – Sectional Study
Alok Kumar

Rural Labour and Anti – Poverty Programme
Banerjee Amalesh

Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Public Works : The Experience of Maharashtra’s Employment Guarantee Scheme
Datt Gaurav

Social Security in the Unorganised Sector : Lessons from the Experiences of Kerala and Tamil Nadu States
Dev S Mahendra

Economics Status, Poverty and Diversification of Activities Among Rural Artisan Households in Gujarat
Parthasarathy R

Discrimination Against Female Farm Labourers in the Jharkhand Region of Bihar
Sharan Ramesh, Dayal Harishwar

Rural Labour Market Segmentation and Poverty – A Case Study of Rural Maharashtra
Seth Sarojini

Labour Market Segmentation : A Case Study in Rural Coimbatore
Arumugan P, Nagarajan R

Labour Within the Economy and the Policy of India
Sadri Sorab

Trade Union Movement in India : Emerging Trends
Tiwana S S

Some Emerging Trends in the Trade Unionism in India
Sudama Singh, Sharma Shyam Sunder

Problems of Inside and Outside Leadership in Indian Trade Unions
Singh K C, Sunil Kumar

Size, Structure and Changing Role of the Indian Trade Unions
Prasad K Siva, Yogi B Ramachandra

India Trade Unionism at Cross Road
Sinha Pravin

Emerging Trends in Indian Trade Unionism
Sharma Richa

Emerging Trends in Trade Unionism – The Case of Kanoria Jute Mill
Sen Ratna

Working Class Response to Changing Political Economy

Role of Collective Bargaining in Tea Plantations in Tamil Nadu
Meenakshisundararajan A

Trade Unionism in the Cement Industry
Arachi S Bencigar

Structural Adjustment Programme and Trade Unions Responses
Masilamani S

Case Study of an Independent Trade Union in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh

Working Class Response to Liberalisation in the Ranchi Industrial Region : An Empirical Study
Bhagat Manju, Ranjan Rakesh

A Study on Trade Unionism Among Unorganised Labour in Coimbatore
Daniel Paul P James, Sangamithra A

Recent Trends in Agricultural Labour Movement in Bihar – Experiences and Imperatives
Singh Bhagwan Prasad