1992:: Volume 35 Issue 1

Lockouts , Closures and the Role of the State
Datt Ruddar

Employment Consequences of the Green Revolution : Some Emerging Trends
Chaudhri D P

Employment , Human Development and Rural Poverty
Dev S Mahendra

Industrial Conflicts Since 1921 : A Statistical Analysis
Verma Pramod

Methodological Issues in Collecting Time Use Data for Female Labour Force
Khan M E, Anker Richard, Ghosh S K Dastidar, Patel C Bella

Women , Work and Trysem : An Evaluative Study
Sinha R P

Participative Management and the Role of Managers in the System : The Indian Scene
Arora Balwinder

Pseudo – Employment : A Novel Form of Exploitation of Human Resources in Bihar
Singh Lal Bahadur

The Teachers Teacher : Professor a k Dasgupta
Prasad Pradhan H

1992:: Volume 35 Issue 2

Education , Health , Nutrition and Demographic Changes : A Review of Evidence on Asia
Tilak Jandhyala B G,

Tertiary Sector Employment and Rural – Urban Migration
Mitra Arup

Impact of Tractor Use on Agricultural Employment in Gujarat
Parthasarathy R

New Technology and Shifts in Labour Demand in South Indian Agriculture
Reddy V Ratna

Household Assets and Employment in the Tribal Economy of Himachal Pradesh
Sharma K C

Valuation of Unskilled Labour in Cost – Benefit Analysis : Some Conceptual and Technical Problems
Khan Nisar Ahmad

Income and Poverty of Urban Unorganized Labour : A Study in Baroda
Kantawala B S, Padaria V K

Poverty in Poverty Analysis
Ghosh B N

Determinants of Labour Absorption in Agriculture : A Quantitative Analysis
Bajpai A D N

1992:: Volume 35 Issue 3

Earnings , Employment and Productivity Trends in the Organised Industries of India
Jose A V

The Employment Effects of Stabilisation and Related Policy Changes in India , 1991 – 92 to 1993 – 94
Mundle Sudipto

Rural Non – Farm Employment : An Assessment of Recent Trends
Papola T S

Employment Security and Industrial Restructuring in India : Separating Facts from Folklore – The Exit Policy Controversy
Mathur Ajeet N

Casualisation of Labour in India : Concept , Incidence and Policy Options
Mukhopadhyay Swapna

Every Blade of Green : Landless Women Labourers , Production and Reproduction in South India
Kapadia Karin

New Technology , Knowledge and Power : A Tale of Some Agencies
Samaddar Ranabir

New Technology and its Impact on Labour – Management Relations
Datta R C

Stabilisation , Structural Adjustment and the Rural Poor
Hirway Indira

Employment and Wages in Rural India : The Fight Against Poverty and the Economic Reforms
Etienne Gilbert

1992:: Volume 35 Issue 4

Economic Liberalization and Labour in India
Deshpande L K

Restructuring of the Indian Economy and its Impact of Labour Market
Nath Golakh B

Impact of Structural Adjustment on Working Class

Exit Policy : Some Major Issues
Leelavathi D S

Impact of Economic Restructuring on Labour in India
Prasad Maya, Prasad Madan Mohan

The New Economic Policy in India : Some Implications for Labour
Aparna, Shekhar Navendu

Structural Adjustment and Feminization
Deshpande Sudha

The Impact of Economic Restructuring on Labour
Prasad K Manjushree

Structural Reform and Employment
Banerjee Amalesh

Strikes and Lockouts in India : Past Experience and Future Perspective
Sundaram S K G

A Reflection on Strikes and Lockouts in India
Sudama Singh, Singh Rabi Niwas

Strikes and Lockouts in Indian Industries
Sharma Nipun

Strikes and Lockouts As Industrial Phenomenon
Ojha N K

Strikes and Lockouts in Industrial Cooperatives
Rayudu C S, Narayana N

Strikes and Indian Labour Movement : A Retrospective Overview
Roy Ruby

Labour Productivity and Trade Unions in India
Saibaba G, Rao L K Mohana

Productivity Question and the Role of Trade Unions
Singh Bhagwan Prasad

Labour Productivity and Trade Unions : Some Positive Aspects
Biswanath Singh

The Missing Links of Labour Productivity : A Review
Perumal S Velayudha

Improving Productive Efficiency : Lessons from a Port s Experience
Giri D V, Patro G C, Parida S C

Impact of Internal Factors on Labour Productivity : A Study in Major and Medium Industries
Naidu K Sreenivasulu, Ravindrakumar V K

An Analysis of Productivity Trends in Singareni Collieries
Chary A K Vasudeva, Ramakrishna G