1991:: Volume 34 Issue 1

Employee – Ownership for a Stable Industrial Base
Nanjundappa D M

Agrarian Entrepreneurialism in Bangladesh
D wood Geoffrey

On Measuring Employment and Earnings for Weaker Sections in Rural India
Chadha G K

Non – Farm Employment in Punjab : A Perspective
Surjeet Singh

Hours of Work and Rural Children : Its Determinants and Effect on Fertility
Lakshmanasamy I

Consumption Expenditure in India
Dutt Ruddar

1991:: Volume 34 Issue 2

Analytics of Employment in Indian Plan Models : A Critique
Narayana M R

Unemployment Poverty Nexus : Another Look
Sidhu H S

Correlates of Inter – Regional Variations in Rural Non – Agricultural Employment in Gujarat
Basant Rakesh, Parthasarathy R

Factors Responsible for Inter – Regional Differentials in Industrial Wages
Nazmuddin Md

The Indian Industrial Relation Model
Sinha Rajan

Organizational Climate and Industrial Indiscipline : A Plant Level Study
Murty B S, Giri D V, Mohapatra A K

Growth and Structure of Trade Unionism in Jammu and Kashmir
Gani A

Third Party Intervention in Dispute Settlement : Roles of the Conciliation Machinery
Pattnaik Sukanti Priya

Measuring the Distance Between Workers and Management
Dayal L

Contract Labour in the Organised Industrial Sector
Shastry C Mani

1991:: Volume 34 Issue 3

Women in the Indian Labour Force : A Sectoral and Regional Analysis
Acharya Sarthi, Mathrani Vinalini

Women and Work : An Examination of the Female Marginalization Thesis in the Indian Context
Varghese N V

Women and Development
Ramaswamy Uma

Sex and the Probability of Graduate Employment : An All – India Experience , 1971 – 81
Baldev Singh, Navdeep Kaur

Women s , Industry and Technology : Two Successful Case Studies
Hirway Indira, Unni Jeemol

Women in the Unorganised Sector with Special Reference to Kerala
Gulati Leela

Migration of Female Construction Workers to Hyderabad City , 1974 – 1990
Reddy M. Atchi

Planning and the Plight of Female Rural Labour in India
Singh Bhagwan Pd., Seema Singh

A Study of the Role of Women in Dryland Agriculture : Utilisation and Crop Production Efficiency
Sudha M, Reddy Y Y R, Haffis Shaik, Swamy T M, Raju Rvvsgk, Lakshmi P

Work and Activity Pattern of Women in Rural Bihar
Sharma Alakh N

Women at Work in Western Europe
Rodgers Janine

Times of a Truce : An Assessment of Change in the Hill Economy and Women s Work
Sudarshan Ratna M

1991:: Volume 34 Issue 4

Labour Absorption in the Indian Economy : Some Issues
Hirway Indira

Labour Absorption Problem and India s Development Strategy
Ahuja H L

The State and Labour Absorption in Urban Areas
Surjeet Singh, Bhargava Pradeep

Labour Migration : Process , Causes , Effects and Remedies
Joshi Samir, Padasia Vinod

Absorption of Migrant Workers in the Urban Informal Sector : A Case Study of Vijayawada City
Prasad K Siva, Yogi B R

Issues Relating to Economic Migration of Females
Shanti K

Migration of Rural Labour : A Case Study of Samastipur District in Bihar
Choudhary Ramesh Chandra

Migration and Informal Sector Workers in Kanpur Metropolis : An Empirical Analysis
Tiwari R S

Workers Participation : The Myth and Reality in India
Perumal S Velayudha

Workers Participation in Management in Public Enterprises
Sharma R C, Anil Kumar

Workers Participation
Alva H R

Shop Improvement Group : The New Participative System That Succeeds in Rourkela Steel Plant
A Kumar, Tripathi S K

Workers Participation in Management Development and Suggestions
Singh Bhagwan Prasad

Statutory Workers Participation
Bhattacharya J B

Workers Participation in Management : Statutory or Non – Statutory
Shukla B N, Shukla Bimla

Workers Participation in Management in Banking Sector with Particular Reference to the State Bank of India
Lal Meera

Participative Management in Public Undertakings : Some Experiences
Bikrama Singh

Tubewell Irrigation and Labour Absorption : A Study in Bengal Plains
Sharma Indradeo, Singh K B

Peasant Movement and Agrarian Reforms in Tamil Nadu , 1940 – 1989
Narayanan K Badri

Peasant s Movement in Santhal Pargana , 1855 – 1900
Sharma N, Parmanand Singh

Socialists Contribution to Peasant Movement in Bihar
Sharma Gayatree

Peasant Resistance and Revolts in India
Naidu K Munirathna, Manjushree K

Whither Peasant Movement West Bengal
Pandey M P

Peasant Movements and Organizations in a Transitory Agrarian Setting : A Study of Andhra Pradesh
Sai Baba G, Naidu V R, Rao P N

Peasant Movement in Gujarat with Special Reference to Kheda and Bardoli Satyagrahas
Patel S K, Talati R C