1997:: Volume 40 Issue 1

State, Market and Labour : A Political Economic Perspective
Thakur C P

Rural Labour, Poverty and Development
Tulpule Bagaram

On Enriching the Foundations of Labour Economics in India
Kannappan Subbiah

Labour Clauses, the World Trade Organisation and Child Labour in India
Castle Robert, Chaudhri D P, Nyland Chris, Nguyen Trang

Incidence of Poverty in India : Towards a Consensus on Estimating the Poor
Malhotra Rajeev

Growth and Employment in Indian Industry : A Statewise Decomposition Analysis
Rastogi Gursharan

Rural Migrant Labour Systems in Semi – Arid Areas : A Study in Two Villages in Andhra Pradesh
Krishnaiah M

Wage Employment Programmes in India : Retrospect and Prospect
Chauhan S P

Integrated and Cost Effective Employment Schemes : The Thalley Model
Sivasubramanian M N

Strategies for Poverty Alleviation in India in the Ninth Five Year Plan : A Workshop Report
Srivastava Ravi S

A Dynamic Profile of Child Labour in India , 1951 – 91

1997:: Volume 40 Issue 2

Trends in Poverty , Wages and Employment in India
Bhalla Sheila

Wage Differentials Between Migrants and Non – Migrants and Discrimination in Urban Informal Sector in India
Duraisamy P, Narasimhan S

Migrant Labour in Urban Areas : Dimensions and Determinants
Sensarma Kuntal

Compensating Wage Differentials for Work Related Fatal and Injury Accidents
Shanmugam K R

Trends in Agricultural Wages in Kerala : 1960 – 1990
Baby A A

Irrigation – Induced Indirect Employment During Eighth Plan : An Estimation Procedure with Tentative Estimates
Saleth R Maria

Public Works Programmes : Some Issues
Mukherjee Anindita

National Expenditures on Poverty Alleviation and Social Sectors : An Evaluation in the Light of the 1997 – 98 Budget
Shariff Abusaleh

Workers Safety Nets : Global and Indian Dimensions
Verma Kush

Imperfections in the Labour Market and its Implications for the Labour Absorption in Agriculture
Pandya Kiran

Employment of Women in India : Some Research and Policy Issues
Papola T S, Sharma Alakh N

Labour Market and Industrial Relations in South Asia : A Conference Report
Ratnam C S Venkata

Structural Adjustment and Labour

1997:: Volume 40 Issue 3

How Real is the Bogey of Feminization ?
Banerjee Nirmala

Trends and Pattern of Female Employment in India a Case of Organised Informalisation
Kundu Amitabh

Women Workers in Agriculture : Some Recent Trends
Unni Jeemol

Marginalisation Hypothesis and Post Green Revolution Period in India
Parthasarathy G, Nirmala K Annie

Locating Women Within Informal Sector Hierarchies
Mukhopadhyay Swapna

Female Child Labour and Gender Bias in School Education in Indian States – 1961 – 1991
Chaudhri D P

Labour Force Participation , Returns to Education and Sex – Discrimination in India
Kingdon Geeta Gandhi

Striving for a Toe – Hold : Women in the Organised Sector
Srivastava Nisha

Gender – Based Discrimination in the Urban Labour Market in India
Deshpande Sudha, Deshpande Lalit K

State Interventions and Womens Employment
Dev S Mahendra

1997:: Volume 40 Issue 4

Some Reflections on Unemployment and Poverty
Patnaik Prabhat

Political Economy of Labour in India
Gill Sucha Singh

Neo – Liberalism of New Economic Policy , Globalisation and Unemployment in India
Shri Prakash

Political Economy of Labour Market Restructuring in India : Problems and Possibilities
Nath Golak B

Do India s Labour Policies Harm Indian Workers ? a Comparison with East Asia
Agrawal Pradeep

The Strike Weapon : Re – Examining its Effectiveness
Vyasulu Vinod

Resistance and Rebellion in Contemporary Bihar s Agrarian Landscape
Jha Praveen Kumar

Political Economy of Agricultural Labourers : A Theoretical Approach
Chatterjee Biswajit, Kundu Amit

Abstracts of Articles on Political Economy of Labour

Should there Be a National Minimum Wage in India
Ghose A K

Minimum Wage Legislation
Sankaran S R

The Long – Run Effects of a Minimum Wage Policy
D souza Errol

Poverty and Minimum Wages
Bhagat Manju

Minimum Wages Within Agriculture : A Review of Indian Experience
Parthasarathy G

Minimum Wages in Agriculture : An Analysis of Secondary and Village Survey Data
Srinivasan M V

Administration of Minimum Wages in Agriculture : An Appraisal
Gill S R S, Lohumi V K

Minimum Wages , Agricultural Wages and Rural Poverty in Madhya Pradesh
Karan Anup K

A Policy Perspective on Child Labour in India with Pervasive Gender and Urban Bias in School Education
Chaudhri D P

Changes in Child Labour Over Space and Time in India , 1981 – 1991
Duraisamy Malathy

Child Labour in India : Some Reflections
Singh Surjit

Do Child Workers Acquire Specialised Skills ? a Case Study of Teenage Workers in Bhavnagar
Swaminathan Madhura

Child Labour : A Profile of Delhi Slums
Gupta Indrani, Mitra Arup

Causes and Earnings of Child Labour in Beedi and Agarbathi Industries
Usha S, D Radha Devi

Female Child Labour in Sivakasi
Ramachandran K, Patnaik K Uma Shankar

Education and the Incidence of Child Labour
Sharma Rajeev, Sharma R K