2007:: Volume 50 Issue 1

Marginalised Sections of Indian Agriculture: The Forgotten Millions
Vyas V S

Interrogating Inclusive Growth: Some Reflections on Exclusionary Growth and Prospects for Inclusive Development in India
Kannan K P

Employment and Armed Conflict
Krishnamurty J

Dynamics of Retirements and Pensioner Profile in the Central Government
Sen Pronab, Swain Sibani

Wages and Employment in the Indian Industrial Sector: Theory and Evidence
Mathur Ashok, Mishra Sunil Kumar

Changes in India’s Organised Manufacturing Employment during the Pre-and Post-Liberalised Periods: A Decomposition Analysis
Panda Hrushikesh, Ryou Jaiwan

Wage-Goods, Universal Livelihood Security and Development Policy
Kabra Kamal Nayan

A Note on Managerial Compensation in the IT Sector: A Study of Five Large Indian Firms
Parthasarathy Aditya, Menon Krishnakumar, Bhattacherjee Debashis

Labour Standards and Globalisation: A Case Study of Implementing Minimum Wages
Chakrabarti Manali, Varman Rahul

Forty-Eighth Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics: A Report

2007:: Volume 50 Issue 2

Debate on Labour Market Reforms in India: A Case of Misplaced Focus
Papola T S, Pais Jesim

Dynamics of Labour Market under Globalisation : Changing Characteristics of Informal Employment in India
Kundu Amitabh, Sarangi Niranjan

Growth Pole: A Case for Special Economic Zone for Clusters of Small and Micro Enterprises
Sengupta Arjun, Kannan K P, Srivastava Ravi

Common Issues and Common Concerns in the SAARC Region: Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction
Bhalla Sheila

Industrialisation and Poverty: Evidence from Indian States
Mitra Arup

Agrarian Distress and Agricultural Labour
Deshpande R S, Shah Khali

Increasing Costs in Agriculture: Agrarian Crisis and Rural Labour in India
Reddy V Ratna, Reddy P Prudhvikar

Agricultural Wages in India: A State Level Analysis
Jha Brajesh

Wage Inequality in Manufacturing Industries 1979-2002: A Case of West Bengal and Gujarat
Das Panchanan

Trends and Determinants of Female Employment in Agriculture : An Inter-District Analysis in Rural Uttar Pradesh
Nomita P Kumar

Determinants of Employability of Graduates: A Case Study of University of Mumbai
Paranjape Madhu Sudhi

The Struggle to be a Part: Story of Dignity of Indian Labour
Sarkar Santanu

Women in Eritrea: Reflections from Pre – and Post-Independence Period
Rena Ravinder

2007:: Volume 50 Issue 3

Recent Employment Trends in India and China: An Unfortunate Convergence?
Chandrasekhar C P, Ghosh Jayati

Rural Non-farm Employment in India and China: Trends, Determinants and Policies
Dev S Mahendra

Recent Labour Market Experiences in China: The Role of Private and Self – Employed Enterprises
Singh Surji

Labour Demand in China: Comparison between Fast Growth Regions and Others
Yang D U, Cai Fang, Wang Meiyan

Does Integration of India and China with the World Economy Har the US Workers?: A Commentary on the Freeman Thesis
Singh Ajit

Jobless Growth Puzzle of Manufacturing Employment in China, Dewen Wang
Fang Cai, Songhua Lin

‘Compulsions’ of Globalisation and ‘Adjustments’ in Domestic Labour Markets: China and India
Banerjee Debdas

Labour Reforms in China and India: Reform Aggression (China) versus Reform Allergy (India)!
Shyam Sundar K R, Venkata Ratnam C S

Reforms and Labour’s Landscape in Contemporary China
Jha Praveen, Golder Sakti

Informal Employment in India and China
Unni Jeemol, Ming Lu

Migrant Workers vs Urban Local Workers: Employment Opportunities and Earnings Differentials in Urban China
Meiyan Wang

The Gender Question and Decent Work: An Analysis of Apparel Industry Workers in China and India
Kelkar Govind, Yunxian Wang

2007:: Volume 50 Issue 4

Economic Diversification: Some Reflections from Experience
Singh Surjit

Crop Diversification and Agricultural Labour in India
Deshpande R S, Mehta Pradeep, Shah Khalil

Non-farm Sector in India: Temporal and Spatial Aspects
Kashyap S P, Mehta Niti

Is the Role of Agriculture in Rural Diversification Decreasing
Jha Brajesh

Dynamics of Diversification of Rural Employment Structure in India: The Changing Trajectories
Ghosal Ratan Kumar

Diversification of Agricultural Economy Towards Horticulture and Livestock: Regional Variations, Convergence and Determinants
Singh S P, Sahoo Bimal Kishore

Occupational Diversification among Rural Workers: Results from Field Surveys in West Bengal
Bhaumik S K

Crop Diversification in Himachal Pradesh: Extent, Impact, Determinants and Challenges
Sharma H R

Trends in Rural Diversification and Its Determinants in Uttar Pradesh
Nomita P Kumar

Livelihood Diversification: A Case Study in Rural Tamil Nadu
Sujithkumar P S

Income Diversification among Rural Households in Punjab: Dynamics, Impacts and Policy Implications
Vatta Kamal, Sidhu R S

Agriculture-led Diversification and Labour Use Enhancement in Punjab: Potentials and Constraints
Toor M S, Bhullar A S, Kaur Inderpreet

Conditions of Work in the Unorganised Sector in India, Thakur C P
Ratnam C S Venkata

Informality in Globalised Forms of Production
RoyChowdhury Supriya

Unorganised Sector and Informalisation of the Indian Economy
Datt Ruddar

Profits without Loyalty: Is the Temporary Model Sustainable?
Dokadia Afsha, Pellissery Sony

Contract Workers : The Need for ‘Community of Interest’ Perspective
Shyam Sundar K R

Securing Working Class Rights for Informal Sector Workers in India: A Case Study of Self-employed Women’s Association
Saini Debi S

Women Workers in Urban Informal Employment : The States of Agarbathi and Garment Workers in Karnataka
Rajasekhar D, Suchitra J Y, Manjula R

Conditions of Work and Status of Social Security: The Case of Workers in Display Board Works
Ghosh Santanu, Gupta Mohan Kumar, Karmakar Atanu

Conditions of Work and Rights of Female Domestic Workers of Kolkata
Kundu Amit

Plight of Beedi Workers and the Blame Game in Orissa
Giri D V, Das P C

Working Conditions in Ship-breaking: A Case of Alang Yard
Misra Hrudanand

Trends in Wage and Income Differentials
Banerjee Debdas

Personal Income Distribution and Heterogeneity of Labour Markets in India
Deshpande Lalit, Satpathy Anoop Kumar, Deshpande Sudha

Growth and Inequality of Wages in India: Recent Trends and Patterns
Abraham Vinoj

Earning Differentials Across Social Groups: Evidences from India
Majumder Rajarshi

Post-reform Trends in Wage Differentials: A Decomposition Analysis for India
Mukherjee Dipa

Wage-Productivity and Wage-Income Differentials in Indian Labour Market
Bandyopadhyay Dhiraj Kr

Inter-state Disparity in the Growth and Determinants of Wage Rate for Industrial Labour in India
Ghose Arpita, Roy Satarupa

Wage Discrimination in Indian Manufacturing: A State-level Analysis
Aggarwal Suresh Chand

Education, Gender and Income Difference
Debi Sailabala

Gender Discrimination in Quality of Employment and Wages in Unorganised Manufacturing Sector of India