1970:: Volume 12 Issue 1-2

Nature and Content of Labour Economics
Ganguli B N

The Responsibilities of a Labour Economist
Das Gupta A K

Regional Wages in Indian Manufacturing , 1950 – 1960
Verma Pramod

Inter – Industry Wage Differentials in Selected Industries , 1951 – 61
Krishna Kumar

Labour and Capital Formation in an Underdeveloped Economy
Ghosh Subratesh

Aspects of Wage Incentives in Sugar and Jute Industries in India
Roy Bina

Workers in Public Enterprises
Rao K K A P

The Lincoln Incentive System
Suri G K

1970:: Volume 12 Issue 3-4

Impact of Migration on the Labour Force Participation Rates of Metropolitan Areas in the United States 1950 – 1960
Kottis Athena

Managerial Problems of Technological Change
Reddy G Raghava

Nature of Disputes and their Settlement under Workmen s Compensation Acts
Koshal Manjulika

Strategy and Technique of Manpower Planning in Developing Countries
Tandon B B

Grievance Procedure in India
Goil R M

Conciliation : A Persuasive Settlement of Industrial Disputes
Srivastava Suresh C

The Truncated Industrial Relations Commission
Mehrotra S N

Approaches to Settlement of Disputes
Jagannadham V

Settlement of Industrial Disputes in India
Chawda V K

The Economic Significance of Human Resource Development in Thailand 1950 – 1970
Ladd Culver S

Pattern of Employment in Orissa 1951 – 61
Tripathy D

Role of National Employment Service in the Context of Unemployment
Saxena J P

The Role of Labour Participation Rates in Economic Development
Swamy M R Kumara

Management of Manpower Resources for Indian Economy
Kumar P

Migratory Labour from up and Rajasthan in Chandigarh
Ramesh Chandra

Recognition of Unions
Thakker G K

1970:: Volume 12 Issue 4 

Norms of Wage Determination
Adhoni M A

Determinants of Industrial Relations : Legal Framework and Industrial Relations
Thakker G K

Non – Economic Determinants of Employer – Employee Relations in the Rural Sector
Thakur S N

Factors in Inter – State Differentials in Proneness to Industrial Disputes
Dikshit S P

Nature and Content of Labour Economics
Deshpande L K

Labour Economics and Labour Relations
Mukerji K

Content of Labour Economics in India
Mathur R S, Papola T S

Wage Policy and Norms of Wage Determination
Krishnan V N

Norms of Minimum Wage Fixation
Reddy G Raghava

A Critical Analysis of the Principles of Wage Determination in Indian Industry
Sahoo B

Wage Structure in Iron and Steel Industry in India
Saxena J P

Dearness Allowance Fixation in India
Sita Ram

Productivity As a Norm in Wage Determination
Banerjee Paritosh

State Intervention : A Determinant of Industrial Relations in India
Chawda V B

Determinants of Industrial Relations
Goyal R C

Determinants of Industrial Relations
Singh R C

Technological Innovations As a Factor in Industrial Relations
Suri G K