1983:: Volume 25 Issue 1-2

Human Resources and Productivity
Narayana D L

Reverse Discrimination in Development Policy
Mathur Gautam

Job Satisfaction – Myth and Reality
Srivastava A K, Srivastava Vinita

Job Satisfaction and need Hierarchy Among Bank Officers
Dubey B L, Uppal K K, Verma S K, Dwivedi P

Pattern of Employment Relations in Indian Agriculture
Naidu Muniratna K, Rao G U K

Regional Earnings Differentials of Rural Labour
Singh Satya Prakash

Attached Labour and the Classification of Agricultural Labour : Some Issues
Basant Rakesh

1983:: Volume 25 Issue 3

Labour Relations in Andhra Pradesh Agriculture 1881 – 1981
Reddy M Atchi

Rural Surplus Labour : Concepts and Evidence
Baharud Priyendra

Female Labour Force Participation Rates : Concepts and Estimates for India
Satakopan Usha, Shamala Devi L N

Approaches to Planning of Employment Creation in Rural Areas
Mishra G P

Unemployment in India : A Review
Subrahmanyam S

Levels of Living of Agricultural Labourers in Punjab
Dhaliwal R S, Grewal S S

Trends in Productivity and Wages in Khadi and Village Industries
Mathur R S, Muzammil M

1983:: Volume 25 Issue 4

Wage – Employment Relations in Developing Countries
Dholakia Jitendra

Production – Profit Duality Approach to Employment Growth Accounting
Kunnal L B, Bisaliah S, Yadiyal K S

Price Vectors and Employment Growth : An Exercise in Methodology
Rao D S Gundu, Bisaliah S, Kunnal L B

Wage – Employment Nexus in Developing Economies : With Special Reference to Manufacturing Sectors
Rao K S

Trends in Wage – Employment Relations in the Indian Economy
Roy Bina, Gupta Swagata, Sen Nandita

Motivation and Job Satisfaction Through Delegation
Bhargava J N, Mukherji A K

Some Indicators of Job Satisfaction in Indian Industries
Datta Pranati

Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Plantations in South India : A Review
Perumal S Velayudha

Relationship Between the Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction : A Study of Sugar Industries
Srivastava S K, Pratap Swaran

Motivational Dynamics in Indian Industry
Prasad L M

A Study of Job Satisfaction Among Workers of a Steel Industry
Sinha R P

Job Satisfaction and Motivation in an Organisation in Transition : An Analysis of the Factors Leading to Deterioration of Work Ethic
Ratnam C S V, Rao U S

A Study of Job Satisfaction Among Employees of Private and Public Sectors
Verma R P, Sinha R P

Emergence of Agricultural Labour and its Impact on Labour Relations in Punjab Agriculture
Gill S S, Singh U C

Labour Relations in Kuttanad Agriculture
Nair K R

Employment of Pesticides Farm Labourers and Pattern of Relationships
Pichholiya K R

Aspects of Industrial Relations in Agriculture in West Bengal
Roy Biswanath

New Forms of Labour Relations in Agriculture : Seasonal Tenancy in Western Uttar Pradesh
Shanker Vineeta

Labour Relations in an Agrarian Economy : An Empirical Study of North Bihar
Sinha S P, Sinha P K

Labour Relations in Agriculture and the New Agrarian Technology in Bihar
Thakur S N