1980:: Volume 22 Issue 1-2

Crisis in Industrial Relations Policy
Sinha G P

Share of Labour in Value Added : A Case Study of Orissa
Rao R S, Pradhan Gopinath

Some Reflections on Employment Planning Through Dairy Development in Rural Areas
Misra G P

Segmentation of Labour Market in India : With Special Reference to Women
Nerurker Amaraju

Distribution of Income and Wage – Differentials Some Industries in India
Ray Biswanath

Labour Force Characteristics and Employment Planning
Sinha R C

Segmentation of Labour Markets
Papola T S

1990 :: Volume 22 Issue 3

Workers Involvement in Trade Unions
Arya P Prakash

Minimum Wages Legislation for Agricultural Labourers in Andhra Pradesh
Rao G Dasaradha Rama

Impact of Economic Development on Rural Artisans in Punjab
Singh Gill Sucha

Socio – Economic Effects of Rural – Urban Migration : A Critical Analysis of the Nigerian Experience
Nwabueze R O

Rural – Urban Migration and Unemployment
Das Kumar B

1990 :: Volume 22 Issue 4

Wage Profit Relations : Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Compromises
Nagaraj A

Wage Profit Relationship in Agriculture
Patel N T

Wage – Profit Relations in Indian Railways , 1951 – 78
Rao S Kishan

Wage – Profit Relationship : Some Empirical Evidence
Rao V G, Aziz Abdul

Problems of Employment Planning in Rural Public Employment Schemes
Apte D P

Labour Force Characteristics , Job Preference Structure and Micro – Level Employment Planning
Bisallah S, Hiremath G K, Hiremath K C

Employment Generation at Micro Level – A Framework for Plan Formulation
Dholakia Ravindra H

Employment Planning According to Labour Force Characteristics : A Case of Rural Women
Hirway Indira

Agriculture Labour Force Characteristics and Employment Planning in Bihar
Sinha S P, Sinha P K

Labour Market for Educated Women in India – Verification of Some Hypotheses on Discrimination
Patel B B, Shah V K

Child Labour in a Metropolitan City : A Study of Ahmedabad
Pichholiya K R

Agricultural Child Labour
Rao J S Narain