1979:: Volume 21 Issue 1-2

Rural Employment : Facts and Issues
Dantwala M L

Growth and Employment
Bhardwaj V P

Organisation of Rural Workers in India
Pandey S M

Wage Structure
Deshpande S M

Interstate Variations in Rural Unemployment and Growth of Agriculture
Parthasarathy G

Increasing Employment Opportunities in Agriculture – A Village Study
Ramanna R, Mallikarjunaiah K G, Vijayakumar H S, Murthy S R S

Wage Differential in Manufacturing Industry in Orissa
Kumar A, Mohanty P K, Swain D N

Bonus and Wage Structure : The Problem of Integration
Seth K G

Factors Affecting Workers Earnings in the Cotton Textile Industry of India
Tewari R T, Sinha R C

Fertility and Family Size Among Industrial Workers
Srivastava J N, Rastogi S R

1979:: Volume 21 Issue 3

S D Punekar ( January 15 , 1916 – May 1 , 1979 )
Deodhar S B

An Equitable Wage Policy for India : Some Issues
Aziz Abdul

Employment of Women and Men in India : A Historical Review , 1901 – 1951
Acharya Sarthi

Female Employment in Rural Gujarat : Some Issues
Hirway Indira

Origin , Growth and Structure of Trade Union Movement in Indian Railways
Reddy D Narasimha

1979:: Volume 21 Issue 4

Growth and Composition of Employment in Indian Agriculture
Bisaliah S, Hiremath S A, Gowda G Nanjunda

Growth and Employment
Dholakia Jitendra

Inter – Generation Occupational Changes in a Green Revolution Area : A Study of Matar Taluka
Hirway Indira

Structure of Employment in the Small Scale Industries : Orissa
Pradhan Gopinath

Agricultural Growth and Farm Employment
Sadhu A N, Amarjit Singh

Growth of National Income and Employment in India
Sinha S P, Sinha P K

Full Employment Growth for an under Developed Economy : A Theoretical Framework
Upadhyaya K K

Organising Agricultural Labourers
Aziz Abdul

Organization of Rural Workers in India
Pandey S M

Organising Agricultural Workers – A View Point
Pantullu N Kamaraju