1977:: Volume 19 Issue 1-2

Unemployment and Structural Changes in Indian Rural Society
Raj K N

Forest Labour co – Operatives : A Step Towards Employment Planning in Tribal Region
Tripathi B L

Interdependence of Manpower Use
Kamble N D

Employment Planning : Problems , Strategy and Constraints
Majumdar S

Planning for Employment Generation : A Study of Panchmahals
Sambrani Shreekant, Pichholia K R

Economics of Labour Welfare
Patil B R

Economics of Social Welfare
Deodhar S B

Foreign Private Capital in India
Goyal S K

1977:: Volume 19 Issue 3

Wages in India : Towards a National Wage Policy
Verma Pramod

Impact of Unemployment Insurance on the Functioning of Labour Markets
Tandon K K

Performance of the Nigerian Employment Exchanges As a Resource Allocative Device
Nwabueze R O

Bonus Payments in Pharmaceutical Industry : A Study of Inter – Firm Differences
Madhuri S

Science for Economic and Social Needs

1977:: Volume 19 Issue 3-4

Employment Generation for Integrated Regional Development – A Case Study of Selected Manufacturing Industries in Uttar Pradesh
Prasad K, Rao, T V S Ram Mohan

Employment Oriented Planning in India
Rau B R K, Saibaba G

Linkages of Small Scale Industry : Implications for Employment Generation
Subrahmanian K K

Industrial Relations in Public Sector Undertakings in Orissa
Kumar A

Industrial Relations in Public Sector in India with Special Reference to Rourkela Steel Plant
Mahaptra R C

Pattern of Staff Relations in the Indian Civil Services
Singh R C

Industrial Relations in Public Sector Undertaking : A Case Study of Bharat Heavy Plates and Vessels
Sivaprasad K, Sreeramamurty K

A Scheme for Further Extension of Medical Benefit in under the ESIS

Social Security in India , Yugoslavia and China : Compensatory or Developmental
Rajiv Kumar

Welfare Measures for Industrial Workers in a Public Sector : A Case of Bokaro Steel Limited
Sinha Ramesh P