1993:: Volume 36 Issue 1

New Economic Policy and Challenges Before the Labour Economists
Man Mohan Singh

Unemployment and Employment in India : An Overview
Naidu K M

Some Important Issues Before the Labour Economists
Jain S K

The Creation of Employment in Segmented Labour Markets : A General Problem and its Implications in India
Rodgers Gerry

Employment of Women in South Asian Countries
Papola T S

Wage Determination in a Casual Labour Market : The Case of Paddy Field Labour in Kerala
Pushpangadan K

New Economic Policy and its Impact on Industrial Relations and Employment in India
Datt Ruddar

Role of Rural Labour in Socio – Economic and Political Transformation of India
Mishra Chaturanan

1993:: Volume 36 Issue 2

The Changing Context of Full Employment
Desai Meghnad

Industrial Relations and Employment Policy in India : The Problems of Liberalization and Strategies for Economic Growth and Equity
Kannappan Subbiah

New Economic Policy and Political Invisibility of Women
Arya Sadhna

Gender Discrimination in the Labour Market : A Review of Literature
Agrawal Sarita

Productivity Trends in Asian Agriculture , 1950 – 1990
Chaudhri D P

Impact of IRDP on Income and Employment : Results from Maharashtra
Sharma Rajesh

A New Look at the Old Bottle : A Study of Land Tenure and Farm Productivity
Chattopadhyay Manabendu, Sarkar Debnarayan

Indian Villages and Districts Revisited : The Issues of Economic Growth and Poverty
Etienne Gilbert

Suggestions for Improvement of Labour Statistics
Sunder K K Shyam

Working and Living Conditions of Landless Agricultural Labourers of Punjab : An Empirical Study
Pawar Rajinderjit, Raghbir Singh

Cargo Handling and Productive Efficiency of Visakhapatnam Port : A Case Study
Murti B S, Rao A Narasimha

Mahila Mandal : A Challenge and a Resource
Kaushik Susheela

Women and Employment
De Mendonca-noronha M

1993:: Volume 36 Issue 3

Non Farm Employment for Rural Households in India : Evidence and Prognosis
Chadha G K

The Character of Rural Industrialisation and its Employment Impact in India : An Inter – Regional Perspective
Mathur Ashok, Pani Pranab Kumar

Diversification of Economic Activities in Rural Gujarat : Key Results of a Primary Survey
Basant Rakesh

Emerging Tendencies in Rural Manufacturing Sector : Role of Policy
Kashyap S P

Some Aspects of Rural Non – Farm Sector Development in Developing Countries
Surjit Singh

Non – Farm Development in Rural India Through Institutional Interventions : Do’s and Don’t
Mahajan Vijay

Tests of Some Propositions about the Dynamics of Changes in the Rural Workforce Structure
Bhalla Sheila

Rural Non – Farm Employment : A Static and Dynamic Study of Inter – State Variations
Alok Kumar

Rural Non – Farm Employment , Poverty and Women
Mitra Arup

Land Ownership Structure and Non – Farm Employment of Rural Households in India
Thorat Sukhadeo

1993:: Volume 36 Issue 4

Patterns of Employment Generation in India
Bhalla Sheila

Political Economy of Employment Planning in India
Kabra Kamal Nayan

Growth and Changing Structure of Employment in Urban India : An Analysis in the Context of the New Economic Policy
Kundu Amitabh

Structure of Employment in India
De Mendonca Noronha Silvi

Employment Generation in India
Sudama Singh, Singh Ravi Niwas

Employment Generation in India
Veershekharappa, Indira A

Employment Generation in India : Past Trends and Desirable Perspectives
Nath G B

Employment Generation : A Case Study of Working of IRDP
Singh K B

Investment , Growth and Employment in India , 1972 – 73 to 1987 – 88
Mungekar B L

Employment Generation : A Model with Empirical Analysis
Rana R K

Employment Growth in India : A Dis – Aggregated Picture
Acharya Sarthi

Urban Employment , Migrant Labour and Structural Adjustment
Mitra Arup

The Employment Implications of Structural Adjustment
Prasad Ajit, Pandey B K

Female Employment in Non – Farm Sector : Evidences and Adjustment Proposals
Sai Baba G, Vijayalakshmi K

Employment of Women in India
Naidu K Munirathna, Shree K Manju

Employment Generation in Maharashtra , 1981 – 1991 : District Level Analysis
Deshpande Sudha

Employment in Informal Sector : Some Issues
Kulkarni Anjali Prakash

Fluctuations and Employment Institutions in the Tourism Sector
D souza Errol

Wages and Employment of Agricultural Labourers in Rural India : A Temporal and Cross – Sectional Analysis
Sharma H R

Structure of Rural Employment in Hindukush Himalayas – A Study in Himachal Pradesh
Saraswat S P, Sharma Amresh, Sharma Aruna

Employment Guarantee Scheme in Maharashtra : Impact on the Poor
Dev S Mahendra

Jawahar Rozgar Yojana in Andhra Pradesh : A Critical Evaluation
Suguna V

Impact of National Rural Employment Programme on Employment and Wages
Kirti Kumar

Quality of Work Life : A Continuing Concern
Sinha Jai B P

An Approach Towards Understanding the Wider Concept of Quality of Work Life
Ratnam C S Venkata

Quality of Work Life – What is it ?
Biswas S K

Quality of Life and Quality of Work Life : An Indigenous Approach
Verma Jyoti

Quality of Work Life
Gupta T K

Managing Power for Quality of Work Life
Sengupta, Sunita Singh

Technology and Quality of Work Life
Bhagat Manju

Quality of Work Life and Productivity
Sharma Ajay, Ghosh Siladitya

Quality of Work Life System and Quality Circles
Murthy M G K

Quality of Work – Life Through Quality Circles
Meera Lal

Quality of Work – Life Through Quality Circles
Sunil Kumar

Quality of Work – Life and Trade Unions
Bhattacharya J B

Quality of Work – Life in a State Setting : Findings of an Empirical Study
Gani A

Small Group Participation and Quality of Working Life : A Study in Rourkela Steel Plant
Kumar A, Tripathy S K

Promotion from Within : A Positive Reinforcer for Enriching Qwl for White Collar Employees
Bhattacharya Deepak Kumar

Some Aspects of the Quality of Work Life of the Construction Workers in Hyderabad City
Reddy M Atchi

Quality of Work Life in a Cement Industry
Varadarajan Dhulari Birunramasubramanian A

Quality of Work Life and Gender Poverty Nexus : A Case Study of Housemaids
Couvery R, Nayak U K Sudha

Quality of Work Life and Gender Issues : A Study of Female Secretarial Workers in Lucknow City
Kumar Namita P

Labour Market Institutions and Economic Development
Parthasarathy G

Unionisation and Industrial Labour
Sen Ratna

Trade Unions As Labour Institutions and their Role in India s Socio – Economic Transformation
Sundaram S K G

Gandhian and Japanese Labour Relations – Surprisingly Similar
Koshal Manjulika, Koshal Rajindar K

Workers Participation in Management : An Emerging Institution of Labour
Sodhi J S

New Economic Policy and Labour Institutions
Sharma R K, Mohanna Kumar S

Common Property Resources and Labour Institutions
Sengupta Nirmal

Gender in Labour Market : Case of an Informal Institution
Chauhan Poonam S

Gender As in Informal Labour Institution : Occupational Segmentation and its Implications in Kerala
Rachel Kumar

Co – Operatives for Bidi Workers : Rhetoric and Reality in Maharashtra
Prasad Anuradha, Prasad K V Eswara

Growth and Structure of Rural Labour and the Organisation Level in North – East India
Singh Gill Sucha

Institutions and the Dynamics of Rural Labour Markets : Labour Shortage in a Labour Surplus Agrarian Economy of Kerala
Francis Shaji K

Agriculture Labour and Labour Institutions in Bihar
Seema Singh, Bipin Kumar

Labour Institutions in Indian Agriculture : The Case of Labour Tying and Factor Markets
Verma Binoy N

Analysing Institutions : Sharecropping in Purnia District During the Colonial Period
Jha Praveen