1989:: Volume 30 Issue 1

How Horizons of Personnel Management
Pandey S N

Quality of Work Life – A New Horizon in Personnel Management
Rao P Subba, Narayana N

Technological Change and Employment : Some Field Evidences
Rao Narayan J S, Goud S Sidda

Women Workers in India : Problems and Prospects
Singh B N, Singh R N

1989:: Volume 30 Issue 2

Job Search and First Income : A Study of Engineering Manpower in India
Prasad K V Eswara

Deskilling and Wage Differentials in Construction Industry
Harilal K N

Employers in the Rural Market for Daily Hire
Rajaraman Indira

Constraints of Labour Productivity in Rourkela Steel Plant
Parida Jayanta Kumar

Moral Foundations of Gandhian Economic Order
Rai Shila

Women in Trade Unions
Shukla B N, Shukla Bimla

1989:: Volume 30 Issue 3-4

State Regulation of Industrial Relations Recent Developments
Sharma R C

State Regulation of Industrial Relations : Some Recent Trends
Singh Bishwa Nath, Singh Harendra Narain

National Wage Policy for India : An Analysis of Problems and Prospects
Pandey M P

A National Wage Policy for the Banking Industry in India
Verma B N

Poverty and Unemployment in Rural India
Datta Meera

A Case Study of Rural Development and the Agricultural Labourer
Bhattacharya J B, Sen Ratna

Agrarian Structure , Intervention and Revolution , Errp Programme in an Identified Village in Orissa
Nath G B

Impact of Planning on Agricultural Labour in Andhra Pradesh
Naidu K Munirathna

1989:: Volume 30 Issue 4

Computer Applications in Personnel Management
Joshi Samir

Personal Management in Indian Banking System
Sinha Meena

A Reflection on the New Horizons of Personnel Management
Singh S, Singh B B

New Horizons in Personnel Management
Singh Harendra Narain

Technological Change in Agriculture , the Process of De – Peasantisation and Rural Workers in India
Verma B N

Technological Change and Labour Displacement in Indian Agriculture
Das Hem Chandra Lal

Employment and Technological Changes : A Case Study of Bihar
Prasad Pradhan H

Technological Change in Agriculture and its Impact on Women ( Workers ) in Rural Bihar : A Two Village Profile , Muzaffarpur
North Bihar, Sinha S P

Inverse Labour Demand Equations in Selected Indian Industries
Reddy P R S, Reddy C Snpparami

The Problems of Indian Women Workers : Need for Sectoral Approach
Misra Reena

Employment Pattern and Educational Status of Female Workers in Uttar Pradesh
Nigam Nomita

A Study of Socio – Economic Conditions of Women Contract Labour in Manganese Mines at Joda in the District of Keonjhar , Orissa
Mohanty Kalyani, Mishra Biranchi N

Economic Condition of Women Workers in India
Maya Prasad

Scheduled Caste Women Workers : The Most Exploited Group

Women Agricultural Labour in Bihar : A District – Wise Analysis of Census Data
Roy Anubha