1999:: Volume 42 Issue 1

41st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics : Call for Papers

Network on Organised Labour in the 21st Century

Employment Perspective

Employment and Poverty : Some Emerging Policy Issues
Hashim S R

From Employment Planning to Employment Policies
Alagh Yoginder K

Retraining for Redeployment : NRF Initiative and Challenge in Training
Chandra Ashoka

Policymaking for Agricultural Development why it Misses the Poor
Rao V M

Labour Standards and Structural Adjustment
Deshpande L K

An Econometric Analysis of the Worker Choice Between Public and Private Sector
Lakshmanasamy T, Ramasamy S

Flexibility , Collectivity and Labour : Contextualising the Industrial Cluster Debate in India
Das Keshabananda

40th Conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics : A Report

1999:: Volume 42 Issue 2

Labour Studies in India : Some Reflections on Developments in the Post Independence Period
Papola T S

Explaining Return to Education Among the Self – Employed in a Semi – Agrarian Setup
Acharya Sarthi

Employment and Wages in India : Pre and Post Reform Scenario
Shariff Abusaleh, Gumber Anil

Gross Domestic Product and Employment in the Informal Sector of the Indian Economy
Kulshreshtha A C, Singh Gulab

Explaining Work Participation Pattern in Rural Rajasthan
Mehta B C

Rural Non – Farm Employment in Himachal Pradesh 1971 – 1991 : A District Level Study
Sharma H R, Virender Kumar, Sharma R K

Interventions in the Rural Labour Market : The Case of Integrated Rural Development Programme in Kerala
George T M

Strike Incidence in Manufacturing and the Business Cycle in India
Ghosh Saibal

Growth , Composition and Determinants of Rural Non – Farm Employment in Arunachal Pradesh
Panda Bhagirathi

ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

Employability in the Global Economy : How Training Matters

1999:: Volume 42 Issue 3

Introduction,Dev S Mahendra
Mamgain Rajendra P

Poverty , Exclusion and Insecurity : Issues and Policy Frameworks
Rodgers Gerry

Social Security Systems in Low Income Countries : An Overview from an Institutional Perspective
Jutting Johannes

An Overview of Social Security in India
Dev S Mahendra

Effectiveness of Public Distribution System As a Provider of Food Security
Ruddar Datt

Health and Human Security : Some Considerations for Priority Setting
A K Shiva Kumar

Inequality and Education Security
Srivastava Ravi S

Social Security in Unorganised Sector in India : How Secure are the Scheduled Castes ?
Thorat Sukhadeo

Ageing , Macro Economic Implications and Health Insurance Requirements in India : An Exploratory Analysis
Alam Moneer, Agarwal R N

Some Micro – Level Arrangements of Social Security in Andhra Pradesh
Galab S

Financing Social Security in India : A Human Development Perspective
Prabhu K Seeta, Iyer Sandhya V

1999:: Volume 42 Issue 4

Women in the Emerging Labour Market
Banerjee Nirmala

A Post – Modernist Enquiry into Women s Workforce Participation
Thakur Atanu

Women , Work and Domestic Duties : Income Planning for Housewives
Kalpagam U

Gender – Based Segregation in the Indian Labour Market
Rothboeck Sandra, Acharya Sarthi

Women in the Professional and Technical Labour Market in India : Gender Discrimination in Education , Employment and Earnings
Duraisamy Malathy, Duraisamy P

Female Work Participation in the Emerging Labour Market in India
Nirmala V, Bhat K Sham

Informal Sector : Women in the Emerging Labour Market
Unni Jeemol, Uma Rani

Women in the Unorganised Manufacturing Sector in India : A Sectoral Analysis
Lalitha N

Emerging Urban Labour Market for Women in Urban Slums : A Tale of Three Slums in Mumbai
Deshpande Sudha

The Tobacco Industry and Women s Employment : Old Concerns and New Imperatives
Sudarshan Ratna, Kaur Rupinder

Changing Cropping Pattern and Employment Conditions of Women Workers : A Case Study
Padma K

Economic Transformation of Tribal Women in Tamil Nadu : 1947 – 1997
Saravanan Velayutham

Women Entrepreneurs : Their Problems and Constraints
Punitha M, Sangeetha S, Padmavathi K

Changing Economic Structure and Labour Institutions in India : Some Reflections of Emerging Perspectives on Organising the Unorganised
Kannan K P

Labour Market Institutions , Real Wages and Macroeconomic Outcomes
Goyal Ashima

Changing Economic Structure and Future of Trade Unions
Ramaswamy E A

Economic Structure , State and Trade Union
Gill Sucha Singh

Major Issues Before Trade Unions in India : Need to Reorient Demands
Arun Kumar

Flexible Production and Labour Market Outcomes : A Case Study of Cotton Knitwear Industry
Vijayabaskar M

Changing Economic Structure and Rural Labour Institutions : Micro Level Evidence from Maharashtra
Ghanekar-kajale Jayanti

Caste and Labour Market Discrimination,Thorat Sukhadeo
Deshpande R S

Legal Regulation of Labour Market
Navin Chandra

Impact of Restructuring of the Bombay Textile Industry on Labour and Labour Institutions
Kulkarni Suchita

Trade , Technology and Employment : Some Missing Links in India s Rural Economy
Chadha G K

Efficiency Wage , Employment , Technology and National Welfare in an Open Economy, Chatterjee Biswajit
Kundu Amit

Trade – Technology – Employment Interface : Evidence from Indian Industries
Singh S P, Agarwal R K

Trade – Technology Relations and its Implication for Employment
Patel N T, Gandhi Madalsa

Technology Imports and Employment in Large Engineering Firms in India : Pre – And Post – Reforms Scenario
Goldar Bishwanath, Anita Kumari

Impact of Trade and Technology on Employment : A Study of the Indian Software Industry
Singh Manjari, Nandini S

Labour Abundance and Global Patterns of Investments and Trade by Multinationals : Implications for India
Nagesh Kumar

Trade , Technology and Wage Effects of HTE Economic Policy Reforms on the Indian Private Corporate Sector
Dholakia Ravindra H, Kapur Deepak

Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Technology Accumulation and Employment Generation in India
Nath Golak B

Trade , Technology and Employment Generation in India
Ajay Kumar