1982:: Volume 24 Issue 1-2

Human Relations in Industry
Saxena R C

Distributive Shares and Prescripts of Equity
Mathur S

Trends in the Sharing of the Gains in Productivity in the Post – Independence Period in India : A Preliminary Examination of Certain Aspects
Roy Bina, Datta Pranati

Collective Bargaining – The Kerala Experience
Nair K R

Negotiating Machinery in Indian Railways : A Study with Special Reference to the Working of Permanent Negotiating Machinery
Rao P Subba, Rao M Gangadhara

Special Employment Schemes : A Study of Two Schemes in Karimnagar District , Andhra Pradesh
Rao C Siva Rama Krishna, Reddy V V, Murthy N Linga

Special Employment Schemes : Case Study of a District
Suryanarayana C

Planning and Organization of Employment Guarantee Schemes in India
Saibaba G, Naidu B R

Special Programmes for Employment Generation in Andhra Pradesh
Naidu K Munirathna, Rao G U K

Collective Bargaining : Status and Prospects in India
Mathur Kamala

Productivity and Wages
Pore Kumud

Factor Share Effects of Technical Change in Agriculture
Chandrakanth M G

1982:: Volume 24 Issue 3

Organizational Determinants of Supervisory – Management Relations in TATA Steel
Sahrma Baldev R

Impact of Technological Change on Farm Employment
Baldev Singh, Vinod Kumar

Labour Absorption and Marginal Value Productivity in Agriculture – A Case of Bihar State
Chand Kanwar Prakash

Pattern of Employment Relations in Karnataka Agriculture
Parameshwara N, Aziz Abdul

Unemployment , Job Search and the Optimal Waiting Time
Mukhopadhyay Swapna

Palamoori Labour – The Human Machine
Sastry C Mani

1982:: Volume 24 Issue 4

An Inter – Class Time Series Analysis in Sharing Gains in Productivity of Manufacturing Industries
Bhattacharyay Biswa N, Mazumdar Krishna

Sharing Gains of Productivity
Dholakia Jitendra

Union s Policy in Sharing the Gains in Productivity – An Analytical Study
Indrakant S

Factor Share Effects of Technical Change in Agriculture
Kunnal L B, Bisaliah S

Productivity and Wage Trends in South Indian Coal Mines , 1956 – 1978
Rao J S Narayan

Sharing Gains in Productivity – A Case Study of Indian Railways 1951 – 80
Rao S Kishan

Collective Bargaining in Karnataka : A Review
Aziz Abdul

Collective Bargaining in Textile and Engineering Industries in Coimbatore
Patil B R

Collective Bargaining in the Rubber Plantations in Kanyakumari District – A Case Study
Perumal S Velayudha

Collective Bargaining : Status and Prospects in India
Ratnam C S Venkata

Collective Bargaining on the Indian Railways
Verma R P

Collective Bargaining : Status and Prospects in India
Sharma R C

A Note on Employment Guarantee Scheme : The Maharashtra Experience and Lessons
Reddy D Narasimha

Special Schemes of Employment for Weaker Sections – A Case Study of Musahari Block
Bihar, Sinha S P, Sinha P K

Some Reflections on Programmes for Educated Unemployed
Tripathi B L, Gupta K K