1974:: Volume 16 Issue 1-2

Wage Determination : Final Reflections on the Conference
Brown Henry Phelps

Evolution of the Wages System in Poland
Morecka Zofia

Wage Differentials and Competition in the Labour Market
Papola T S

Labour Relations in the Public Sector
Schregle J

Land Army in Karnataka
Naib Brigadier V P

National Urbanisation Policy : An Approach

1974:: Volume 16 Issue 3-4

Hirschman s Linkage Hypothesis : A Regional Test
Kashyap S P, Desai Rohit D

A Note on the Supply of Labour
Cebula Richard J

Determinants of Labour Productivity
Tewari R T, Trivedi K N

The Energy Crisis and the Maintenance of Peace
Burhop E H S

Removal of Poverty
Pichholiya K R

Wage – Employment Relationship in Manufacturing Industries in Gujarat , 1960 – 1969
Patel B B

Financial Incentives to Industries in Maharashtra : With Special Reference to their Impact on Employment
Papola T S

Emergency and Labour
Ashraf M S

Teaching of Labour Economics
Singh V B

1974:: Volume 16 Issue 4

The Challenge to Traditional Methods of Determining Pay
Roberts B C

Some Observations on Employment Oriented Planning
Chakravarty S

Guidelines to Financing of the Schemes under the Proposed Labour – Cum – Development Bank
Krishnaji N, Krishnan T N, Raj K N

A Report on the Working of the Labour – Cum – Development Bank
Comment on the Interim Report on Wage Policy
Deshpande L K

The Relevance of Economics
Adiseshiah Malcolm S

Teaching of Labour Economics in Indian Universities
Singh V B, Mathur R S

Teaching of Labour Economics : Report of a Discussion
Papola T S

Growth of Agricultural Labour in India
Rao M S Prakasa, Shashi Kumar, Kulkarni Sulochana

Unionizing Indian Agricultural Workers : Problems and Prospects
Verma Pramod, Mookherjee S

Handling Employee Grievances : A Study of Rourkela
Murty B S

White Collar Trade Unionism : Problems and Prospects
Sinha G P