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Labour and Planning, edited by Radha Kamal Mukherjee
Role of Labour in Economic Development, edited by V.B. Singh
Employment and Unemployment, edited by V.K.R.V. Rao
Government Employees Strike: A Study in White Collar Unionism in India, edited by S.M. Pandey
Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations in India, edited by T.S. Papola, P.P. Ghosh and Alakh N. Sharma
Women and Work: Changing Scenario in India, edited by Alakh N. Sharma and Seema Singh
Children at Work: Problems and Policy Options, edited by Bhagwan Pd. Singh and Shukla Mahanty
Worker’s Ownership and Participation,edited by Ruddar Datt
The Indian Labour Market and Economic Structural Change, edited by L.K. Deshpande and Gerry Rodgers
Organising the Unorganised Workers, edited by Ruddar Datt
Forty Years of the Indian Journal of Labour Economics: Index 1958-1997.
Gender and Employment in India, edited by T.S. Papola and Alakh N. Sharma
Growth, Employment and Poverty : Change and Continuity in Rural India, edited by G.K. Chadha and Alakh N. Sharma
Social and Economic Security in India, edited by S. Mahendra Dev, Piush Antony,V. Gayathri and R.P. Mamgain
Informal Sector in India, edited by Amitabh Kundu and Alakh N. Sharma
Coming to Grips with Rural Child Work: The Food Security Approach, edited by Nira Ramachandran and L. Massun
Towards a Food Secure India : Issues and Policies, edited by S. Mahendra Dev, K.P. Kannan and Nira Ramachandran
Lockouts in India : A Case Study of West Bengal, by Ruddar Datt
Liberalisation and Labour : Labour Flexibility in Indian Manufacturing, by L.K. Deshpande, Alakh N. Sharma, Anup K. Karan and Sandip Sarkar
Child Labour in Carpet Industry : Impact of Social Labelling in India, by Alakh N. Sharma, Rajeev Sharma and Nikhil Raj
Working Children Around the World - Child Rights and Child Reality, edited by G.K. Lieten
Children, School and Work Glinpses from India edited by G.K. Lieten, Anup K. Karan and Anoop Sathpathy

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