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International Seminar on “Development from the Perspective of Labour: Experiences, Challenges and Options” in honour of ‘T. S. Papola’, 21-23 February 2014, Lucknow
9-10 July, 2012

An International Seminar on DEVELOPMENT FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF LABOUR: EXPERIENCES, CHALLENGES AND OPTIONS (in honour of Professor T. S. Papola) was organised by Giri Institute of Development Studies(GIDS), Lucknow and Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) during 21-23 February 2014, at Lucknow. The inaugural address at the Seminar was delivered by Professor Y. K Alagh. Spread over 3 days, leading experts, academicians, policy makers discussed issues like Wages and Productivity; Access to and Discrimination in Employment; Gender, Work and Employment; Sectoral and Regional Dimensions; Labour Institutions, Regulation and Collective Bargaining in seven plenay sessions. The Seminar concluded with a panel discussion on Employment and Inclusive Development which was chaired by Professor S R Hashim, Chairman, Indian Association of Social Science Institutions, New Delhi. The panelists in the session included, Professor Y.K. Alagh, Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat and Former Union Minister, Government of India, Professor K. P. Kannan Chairman, Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies, Trivandrum, Professor Ashwani Saith ISS, The Hague, Mr. N.C. Bajpai Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Government of Uttar Pradesh Professor Dev Nathan Professor, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, Mr. P.P. Mitra Deputy Director General (LEM), Ministry of Labour, Government of India. The Valedictory address was delivered by Professor Deepak Nayyar, Former Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University. Professor Papola was felicitated for outstanding professional career, achievements and contributions during the Seminar.

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